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Use of recycled materials

The use of recycled materials reduces the need to use non-renewable raw materials and significantly reduces energy needs. Reduced CO2 emissions, a healthy ecosystem and conserving natural resources all speak in favour of recycling or upcycling.



We source recycled PET (rPET) from recycled PET drink bottles. Unlike ABS, PET is suitable for 100% recycled products and can be recycled several times. Since the material has already been used as a drink bottle in contact with food, we not only have an exceptionally safe material, but also an ideal base granulate for CI-compliant colouring according to the requirements of PMS customers.

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The source material for the recycled post-consumer material (rPCP) is usually discarded domestic white goods or other consumer plastic waste. Following reprocessing, the recycled post consumer material can be upcycled to make a new product.

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This involves collecting injection moulding waste by type and recycling it back into the production process. Instead of a product being recycled here, pre-consumer waste residues are reprocessed. Significantly less crude oil and energy is consumed by recycling the plastics.

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Recycled aluminium (rAL) from drink cans also allows us to make metal writing instruments from recycled material. The recycled aluminium drink cans are sourced and processed in Europe. The recycled aluminium can be 100% recycled and reused in the upcycling process.

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The use of recycled cardboard packaging provides a solid and environmentally friendly basis for the manufacture of writing instruments. The material can be fed back into the recycling process and in this way make a further contribution towards environmental protection.

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Use of recyclable materials

The aim here must be to use products not just once, but several times. By definition this means that the materials used are always recyclable. This not only goes for what are known as sustainable models, which are made from recycled material, but for all uma writing instruments.

The key to reusing these used materials is that consumers have to dispose of them properly.

Use of renewable raw materials

The use of renewable raw materials in the manufacture of writing instruments is an ideal way to help achieve climate neutrality. However, biodegradable materials such as PLA can only be used to a limited extent in the manufacture of writing instruments intended for long-term and sustainable use, as recycling is not an option and it is rare, if not impossible, for the intended biodegradation to take place in a normal environment. It is a different story when it comes to the use of wood.



uma is a steward of the environment and is committed to the responsible use of resources and the conservation of forests. That is why we only use FSC or PEFC certified wood in the manufacture of our wooden writing instruments.

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The cellulose needed for this is obtained from European softwoods. Yet, the material is anything but 'soft' – on the contrary, our writing instruments made of cellulose excel by virtue of their high quality, light weight and physical writing comfort.

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Reusable products – not disposable ones

We are committed in the utmost to sustainability, which is why every product in our range is reusable. Regardless of whether you choose a plastic, metal or wooden writing instrument – we guarantee that every uma writing instrument can be refilled several times. Accordingly, the housing can be used for a long time.

High quality, lasting materials

If you want to promote a lasting writing instrument, sustainability is something you automatically have to write large. That is why we strive to maximise the useful life of our writing instruments, and therefore the amount of time the customer uses them. This is achieved by using the best possible materials. Whether metal or plastic, recycled material or refill paste, the best possible balance of product attributes delivers a lasting and sustainable marketing message.

Products with added value

Products with added value are more popular with customers and guarantee a longer, more sustainable life span in their hands. The uma ballpoint pens are not only ideal writing instruments with superior writing quality, they also get every marketing message across. Contemporary designs, real innovations, CI-compatible designs and the fusion of the analogue and digital worlds all provide added value that translates into sustainable marketing success.

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