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Wood: a very special material full of warmth and naturally grown uniqueness

Every ballpoint pen barrel is unique and has its own history. As a leading manufacturer of promotional pens, we at uma attach great importance to individuality. Our wooden writing instruments are as unique as the trees they came from.

As a producer from the Black Forest, we are pleased to guarantee that our wooden writing instruments are PEFC and FSC® certified, and to contribute to the protection of sustainable raw materials in this way. It is natural for us to want to participate in this scheme for sustainable forest management ant the protection of an important raw material. These certifications guarantee that wood and paper products come from sustainably managed forest.

With over 265 million hectares (655 million acres) of certified forests, PEFC is the world`s largest forest certification system and guarantees sufficient quantities of raw materials and about 1.44 million hectares German forests are FSC® certificated. Thanks to this certifications, we at uma assume social responsibility by supporting responsible use of resources and being committed to making an active contribution to preserving forests.

Only german PEFC und FSC® certified beechwood is used for the uma writing utensils made of wood. Through special processing of the sustainable raw material, the natural product transports its advertising message in a refined and beautiful design to the customer. Wood is a natural material with a great variety of colours and textures (grain effect).


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