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Silk screen printing  

(S, MS, GS)

Vectorized print data
600 - 1200

This is the most popular and efficient method of finishing writing instruments by printing on the barrel. The image to be printed will be generated from the artwork and then applied to the screen using a photochemical process. In this process, only the areas of printing are permeable to ink, causing images to appear on the print substrate by means of a pressing process.

With screen printing it is possible to achieve multi-colour and all-round prints, which makes optimum use of the promotional surface of the ballpoint pen. This means, that line as well as grid templates can be implemented. Please contact our experts if you require further detailed information.

File formats

If you supply the silk screen film, please ensure that the register marks are correctly aligned and that the film is laid out 1:1. If the films are not laid out accordingly, these must be adjusted by us for an additional charge. 

uma accepts all Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) file formats. 

For overprinting, we require exact specifications for the inks (see list of standard inks below).

To achieve an optimum printing result, we recommend pre-printing a white background (i.e. an additional colour in advance) for some coloured, transparent and frosted writing instruments.

Printing inks that can be used for printing at uma:

  • Pantone (PMS)
  • HKS 
  • RAL
  • Gradations from black in steps of 10% (e.g. 80% black)

Media for data transfer

repro (at)

For security reasons and for questions we may have, we ask that you state your company name, telephone number and order number when transferring data.

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