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From classic designs and soft, rounded edges to original material combinations, from in-trend colours to exciting, extravagant applications.

In the field of plastic writing instruments, modern manufacturing processes are continuously opening up new design options. The result is an almost infinite range of colours and forms that you can obtain at uma.In particular, as give-aways and promotional gifts, plastic ballpoint pens are an indispensable part of the repertoire. Quick to obtain and quick to pass on, with individual lettering or finishes – this is why plastic pens make such an ideal promotional item, particularly at trade fairs or at other events with a high PR profile.

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variety of colours

The surface can be covered in a gloss or matt finish, the body can be transparent-gloss or transparent-frosted – there is virtually no limit to the colour and variation options in the field of plastic writing instruments. Recent trends have also resulted in even more striking and extravagant designs. Do you for example know our latest GUM models? These are pens with a pleasant soft-touch rubber case, also available in cool neon colours.

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Extremely slip-resistant, pleasant to the touch, stimulating in design and, best of all, from a trusted brand: ideally, this is the way advertising should always be.

The uma GUMON! writing instrumentsoffer all of this. Softtouch lacquering for advertising messages that make a lasting impression. 

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Our uma BlackForestPens are an impressive combination of timeless design, quality workmanship and manufacturing technology. Designed in Germany, our models are manufactured with Swiss precision. In the next step, all the individual parts are assembled in Fischerbach, in the heart of the Black Forest, to create your very own favourite writing instrument. The fact that uma BlackForestPens not only write perfectly, but are also excellent promotional vehicles, is made possible by our finishing park in Fischerbach, which is the only one of its kind in Europe. The entire finishing process is climate neutral, demonstrating our commitment to people and the environment.

With great attention to detail, a special collection of uma writing instruments has been created, which positively conveys the sense of quality that is very much alive in the Black Forest far beyond the borders of Bavaria. Durable writing instruments and unique, eye-catching advertising meet resource-saving manufacturing technology, efficient delivery routes and sustainable production.



With umaVISUAL the entire barrel of a writing instrument becomes an impressive promotional surface. Versatile and visually striking, this area offers plenty of space for a vast range of messages. The design options here are almost unlimited – the impact is more than impressive. 

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Colour variety


We bring colour into the world of writing instruments. You see, uma not only has a gigantic range of different colours at its disposal. It also offers almost unlimited scope for colourful combinations and variations.

Mix n' Match: Like attracts like! And opposites attract another! At uma, this doesn ́t have to be a contradiction. Because with an almost inexhaustible range of combination possibilities you can let your writing instrument shine in the brightest colours – it couldn ́t be more individual!

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Bring analogue writing and advertising into the interactive world using NFC technology. 

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Our umaPRIME model diversity – unlike other express services you may be familiar with, our umaPRIME offers a solution across multiple product categories. In addition to plastic and metal models, the umaPRIME range also includes sustainable writing instruments.

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