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Pad printing

(T, MT, GT, P, TT)

Vectorized print data
600 - 1200

Pad printing allows to print on concave and convex surfaces. When it comes to printing on clips it’s mostly done by pad printing or multi-coloured image printing. A film will be generated from the artwork, thereof a cliché will be created. By using a silicone pad (like a rubbered stamp) the colour will be transferred from the cliché onto a substrate.

The advertising surface of cylindrical writing instruments have a maximum height of 2/3rds of the diameter. Pad printing can be used on any material.

File formats

For pad printing, only pad films with a special screen that we create can be used. We require vectored data for this in any case.

uma accepts all Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) file formats. 

For overprinting, we require exact specifications for the inks (see list of standard inks below).

To achieve an optimum printing result, we recommend pre-printing a white background (i.e. an additional colour in advance) for some coloured, transparent and frosted writing instruments.

Printing inks that can be used for printing at uma:

  • Pantone (PMS)
  • HKS 
  • RAL
  • Gradations from black in steps of 10% (e.g. 80% black)

Media for data transfer

repro (at)

For security reasons and for questions we may have, we ask that you state your company name, telephone number and order number when transferring data.

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