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Exclusive, classic, from massive to elegant – metal ballpoint pens always make a powerful statement.

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Noble and heavy to light and filigree, we here at uma offer you the complete range of metal ballpoint pens. That makes the choice of appropriate model into an ultimate question of personal style. Then again, in whom can customers right around the globe better place their confidence than in an absolute market leader: uma, the "mark of advertising"? Of course, it is often the small detailsthat make a pen such an individually distinctive item, e.g. the metal pen nibs or the shiny push-button. This, in combination with our numerous finish options, means for our customers that they can have a new experience of uniqueness, beauty and elegance at uma. Is it not an ideal promotional gift? Of course it is! 

Discover Metal writing instruments

The laser technology opens up completely new possibilities of manufacturing because even finer and more precise processing are possible, with any materials. Especially with metal surfaces, the laser shows its full strength, by removing accurate to the millimetre a fine layer of the writing instruments surface.

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Our Metal writing instruments

Our Metal writing instruments

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