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Company pension scheme

Those who want to be more secure in retirement can use our company pension scheme (CPS) as an additional building block for financing their retirement. We subsidise this form of retirement provision and take care of all the arrangements. We subsidise this form of pension plan and ensure that our employees can enjoy a secure retirement after an active working life.

Investment in local infrastructure

Construction projects and the renovation of community facilities, such as the Wunderfitz daycare centre and Fischerbach Fritz Ullmann primary school, form part of a plan to maintain the infrastructure at our main site in Fischerbach. This is particularly beneficial to the families of our employees, who are able to balance work and family life as a result thanks to short commutes and the availability of a range of local services.

Ensuring basic services in the local rural area

By building the local supermarket, we are securing the demand for food and everyday products. A supermarket in the village of 1,700 inhabitants offering fresh produce, beverages, pharmacy products and a party service is situated in its centre. This is where residents go to shop and meet socially. A small café, fresh bakery products, a lottery kiosk, a parcel collection point and a cash dispenser are all available and add to the quality of life in the area.

Maintenance and preservation by the Fritz Ullmann Foundation

The foundation set up by uma founder Fritz Ullmann to support clubs and social institutions in Fischerbach provides an additional, sustainable basis for the continued growth, maintenance and preservation of local clubs and organisations. The foundation also funds the community bus, which mainly takes senior citizens from Fischerbach to the town for medical appointments, and children from the side valleys far from the centre to school and back.

Donations and personal commitment

We support social commitment by making regular donations to local associations, but also to nationwide institutions and organisations. Last but not least, in addition to donations in kind, several thousand euros are donated each year to social institutions or associations to which many employees and their families belong.

Shopping Vouchers

With our uma shopping vouchers, we not only want to support the supermarket in Fischerbach, but also guarantee our employees additional tax-free perks.

Application of the flat rate energy allowance

We have also promised to pay out the full amount of the flat-rate energy allowance to our employees which we will do in 2023/2024.

Provisions for the workforce

Water and apples are provided free of charge for the uma workforce. Permanent water coolers and regular deliveries of apples from local farmers help to keep our team healthy and happy.

Discretionary additional benefits, such as holiday pay and Christmas bonus

We have always adhered to the principle of discretionary payments, thus ensuring additional income for our employees.

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