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This is how you write sustainability

Sustainability is not only written in capital letters at uma, it is written in three dimensions. It is not enough to create a sustainable product or to reduce a CO2 footprint, but an honest social commitment is also part of the corporate philosophy to ensure a holistic uma sustainability concept.

Holistic sustainable thinking and action connects different orientations and areas of the company. To create a comprehensive sustainability concept for uma, we are therefore committed to various areas of sustainability. In addition to ecological and economic sustainability, we also focus on social sustainability.

The three pillars of sustainability

Environmental Sustainability


For us, this means using natural resources with foresight and respect, and thinking about tomorrow in everything we do. We are increasingly relying on recycled and recyclable materials in the development of our products. The use of renewable raw materials is as much a part of our environmental sustainability strategy as the use of high-quality materials for a durable and sustainable promotional writing instrument.

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Economic Sustainability


After more than 80 years in the market, we are now the leader in innovation in the European promotional writing instruments market. A sound corporate policy geared towards growth and the future is undoubtedly the basis for stability and success. The aim in this is not only to provide a secure base for our employees, but also to remain a strong and reliable partner for our customers in the long term. We anchor investment in climate neutrality and ensuring sustainable, balanced, continuous process and production optimisation into a foundation of economic sustainability. 

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Social Sustainability


The aim of social sustainability is to create a stable society in which everyone can participate and which guarantees human dignity, labour rights and human rights for future generations. There is also a need to achieve a balance between work and family life, and between leisure and working hours. We see it as our personal corporate responsibility to invest in social sustainability and ensure a rewarding place to live and work, especially in our employees' personal sphere.

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100% climate neutral

Climate change is currently one of the greatest challenges. We want to take responsibility and make a concrete contribution to climate protection: In cooperation with ClimatePartner, we have calculated the emissions of our umaNATURALS and then offset them through regional climate protection projects. This means that the first uma climate-neutral writing instruments are now available. 

We wouldn't be uma if we only concentrated on one product. For this reason, we have made our entire production in Fischerbach, in the Black Forest, climate neutral. We are therefore pleased to be able to make a positive contribution to the environment.

We are certified!

Customers no longer focus purely on product price or quality when it comes to making purchasing decisions. They also want to know how a product is made and who is behind its manufacture. Unfortunately, responsible corporate governance is not always a given. We have subjected our actions to external scrutiny and received several commendations as a result. 

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