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Digital printing


Vectorized print data
600 - 1200

Impress your customers – rapidly, directly and with a personal touch – digital printing enables your desired ballpoint pen to be created very simply. Curtains ups for your ideas and on a gamut of promotional messages: Brightly coloured logos, colour schemes and gradations, even in small production runs – virtually no other printing technique delivers this level of flexibility.

All you need to consider is, the colour shades which will here be converted into CMYK, may vary slightly from the exact PMS colours. The printing technology is limited to plane surfaces and can’t be used on concave and convex surfaces.

File formats

uma accepts all Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) file formats. 

Print colours for digital printing according to which uma can print:

  • CMYK

Media for data transfer

For security reasons and for questions we may have, we ask that you state your company name, telephone number and order number when transferring data.

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