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Carbon offset payments for climate-neutral products and production

We have been calculating our CO2 emissions together with Climate Partner since 2019. The continuous reduction of CO2 emissions is our declared goal in every new product development and in the revision of all our processes and production steps. Every manufacturing process creates irreducible CO2 emissions, which we offset by investing in and supporting climate change projects. We are committed to taking this approach and making these investments to preserve and sustain our business and our precious homeland.

On-site investments – Photovoltaic systems

We achieve a self-sufficiency rate of over 40% at our 2,100m2 site with all the systems we have installed on our three factory buildings, each on the west, south and east sides. The electricity our company does not use, which we estimate at 240 MWh per year, is fed into the national grid. Not only do we make sure we have green electricity at uma in this way, but we also contribute to supplying the region.

Use of energy-saving sources

By replacing all the light sources with LED lamps and completely renovating the office wing for energy and design efficiency, we are helping to reduce energy consumption and make our daily work more environmentally friendly throughout the building.

Investments in the long-term reduction of CO2 emissions

By using recycled plastic in our uma RECY models, we save up to 90% energy and up to four times the CO2 emissions compared to using virgin plastic.

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