Our certifications

PEFC and FSC® certification
As a producer from the Black Forest, we are pleased to guarantee that our wooden writing instruments are PEFC and FSC® certified, and to contribute to the protection of sustainable raw materials in this way. These certifications guarantee that wood and paper products come from sustainably managed forests.

With over 265 million hectares (655 million acres) of certified forests, PEFC is the world‘s largest forest certification system and guarantees sufficient quantities of raw materials. And about 1.44 million hectares German forests are FSC® certificated. Thanks to this certifications, we at uma assume social responsibility by supporting responsible use of resources and being committed to making an active contribution to preserving forests.

Discover more about PEFC and FSC® certification and our sustainable wooden pen range.

Global Recycled Standard
With the uma recycled PET PEN series, we have developed the first truly sustainable writing instrument series that not only convinces in terms of haptic and variation, but also with an innovative recycling idea. The production process and raw material production are certified according to the Global Recycled Standard.

The uma recycled PET PEN PRO antibacterial series is certified according to Biomaster Technology.

The additive incorporated in the casing has an antibacterial effect according to ISO 22196 and an antiviral effect according to ISO 21702. The adhesion and settlement of pathogens on the surface of the writing instrument is demonstrably reduced by 99.99 %. Both bacteria and viruses (including the Corona virus) are destroyed. As the additive cannot be rubbed off or released, the protection lasts for the entire life of the writing instrument.

We have submitted ourselves to external audit. EcoVadis is a programme that assesses companies against 21 sustainability criteria. Under the programme, we were compared to 40,000 companies in 110 countries and we are proud to have been awarded a bronze medal for 2021. Our CSR performance score came out as above average. Using a scorecard available on the EcoVadis online platform, we can now share our result with our customers and show how we are complying with our CSR obligations. The resulting transparency and credibility help to maintain long-term sustainable behaviour.

We have been working with ClimatePartner, which supports us in terms of carbon-neutral production and developing carbon-neutral product lines, since 2019. ClimatePartner develops cross-industry climate protection solutions for companies. The companies’ greenhouse gas emissions are calculated and reduced as much as possible. However, since they cannot completely eliminate their greenhouse gas emissions, any remaining emissions are offset by financial support for climate protection projects. We work with ClimatePartner to support regional projects in the Black Forest and the Alps, as well as internationally recognised climate protection
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