uma - "Giving Advertisers a Signature Style"

Driven by the claim to produce high-quality and at the same time individual promotional ballpoint pens, Fritz Ullmann, the founder of the company, assumed responsibility right from the early days in 1949 and placed his confidence in a creative and innovative team. To this day, that approach has not changed. 

That is because Fritz Ullmann recognised more than 50 years ago that, to paraphrase his words, "a ballpoint pen is more than a writing instrument!" With his idea of using the ballpoint pen as a promotional aid, the man awarded the Federal Achievement Medal (Bundesverdienstmedaille) by Baden-Württemberg was quite literally writing history. 

That is how he is recognised for services rendered - not only in professional circles must also in Fischerbach where Fritz Ullmann, now an honorary citizen, does more than anyone else to create secure jobs. The town has also expressed its gratitude to him for this by naming a street after him, on which the company head office is now located. 

uma has a family-centric tradition as well as a future. The third generation of the founding family is now integrated in the company, contributing fresh ideas and young pioneering spirit to the ongoing success of the business. 

uma – the handwriting of a family with a great past and a promising future. uma – a dependable and highly creative partner to the promotional item retail sector.